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About Us

AVMFounded in 1957, AVM has been active during all these years developing, producing and marketing Free-Wheeling Hubs, applicable to 4-wheel-drive and sport-utility vehicles
Working from specially built premises in Cotia, greater Sao Paulo, Brazil, AVM is constantly dedicated to supplying the market with global quality Free-Wheeling Hubs.

AVM High Performance Automatic - 900 Series
  • State-of-the-art comfort and reliability. Locks automatically as driver shifts into 4-wheel-drive, even with the vehicle moving (provided transfer case is synchronized).
  • Remains solidly and permanently locked all the time while in 4x4, upgrade or coasting!
  • As you shift back into 2-wheel-drive, hubs disengage automatically the first time you reverse the vehicle.
  • Internal Components: Perfect combination of investment cast and steel parts.
  • Our automatic hubs never disengage when the vehicle is reversing down a slope.
AVM Premium Manual - 400 Series
  • Recognized unanimously as "The Tough Hub" by many thousand satisfied users worldwide.
  • Ultra reinforced nodular iron body.
  • Salt-spray tested epoxi enamel finish.
  • Die cast aluminum cap. Corrosion resistant glossy finish.
  • Internal components: CNC machined, heat treated.
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